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2002 Menghai 8582 Style Sheng Cha

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This excellent Puerh tea cake is 20 years old, and a real 2002 favorite. It is very slightly refined in traditional storage in Hong Kong, then naturally aged in Taiwan. The cakes are wrapped in the simple white paper. They come from a small producer in the Menghai area in Yunnan province. The value of this tea lies in its great taste and the remarkable quality of its maturation. It is inspired by Menghai Tea Factory’s recipe 8582. Mature leaves and tannins give the tea its typical character and aromatic profile. The leaves are transformed in the traditional way and have a remarkable tannic structure, which combines power and richness. The light ripening, which gives this tea its definitive character and outstanding quality, is exceptionally successful. It contains no trace of moisture or storage aromas and preserves the typically charming character of raw Puerh, including a beautiful frame, as fresh and pleasant in the mouth as for the nose.

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Type: Refined Raw Puerh (sheng cha)
Fermentation: Light
Translation: Style 8582
Producer: Unknown
Region: Menghai, Xishuangbanna
Year: 2002
Format: Ping Cha
Grade (leaf size): Medium-Large
Style: Classic
Storage: Traditional – Hong Kong

Tasting notes
A nice nose focused on the famous camphor wood which makes the charm of puerh of that age. Very fresh, evoking eucalyptus. The tannins superbly worked by maturing, strong but rounded.


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