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2008 Ming Lee Fu Lu Gong Cha

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Fu Lu Gong Cha is a historical and mysterious tea cake, most likely produced in the 1940s. This tea became famous in the 1990s, after the publication of the first book on ancient puerh by Teng Shih Hai, one of the greatest specialists in aged puerh. Teng Shih Hai considers this tea as one of the finest examples of ancient puerh and the best puerh produced for aging. Based on the taste characteristics of the tea, this cake was probably produced from leaves from the region of Fengqing in Yunnan.


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The story of the original Fu Lu Gong Cha remains a secret but the tea was accompanied by a ticket with an address… in Bangkok! It carried the name of Hong Lee, the founder of Hong Tai Chang, a legendary producer of Thai puerh. In the beginning, Hong Tai Chang exported the production of the parent company based in Yunnan via Thailand. Eventually, the two branches separated and Hong Tai Chang continued producing puerh from leaves from northern Thailand. When the factory closed down as there was no successor, Lao Lee, a major tea producer from the village of Doi Wawee, hired one of Hong Tai Chang’s key technicians and entrusted him with the production of his puerh tea. According to him, the Fu Lu Gong Cha of the 1940s must have been made at the Hong Tai Chang factory in Thailand from local leaves.

In 2008, a limited edition of Ming Lee Fu Lu Gong Cha was pressed, in tribute to the historical cake. The goal was not to reproduce the original cake but to create tea matching its level, using leaves from Thailand, which can improve over decades in the same way. As such, it is not only a top-of-the-range tea for collection but also an excellent tea for maturation.

Format: 357g Puerh cake
Kind: Naturally aged sheng Puerh
Fermentation at the production: Not fermented -sheng cha
Storage: Natural dry – Thailand
Style: Classic Puerh Tea
Producer: Ming Lee
Origin: Wawee, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Trees: Big Tree
Garden: Natural
Year: 2008


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