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2010 Kokang Old Tree Shu Puerh

This is a fermented puerh of a really incredible quality that could be called the best shu cha of its generation. Produced from old tree leaves from the Kokang area in Burma, then fermented with great care in Menghai, this is a tea characterized by unusual richness, complexity, and profoundness. Kokang is a particularly rich location, thanks to both the natural qualities of its garden and the traditional tea culture that has prevailed there. The tea is mostly picked from big trees, trimmed, maintained, and transformed in a long-established manner. The quality of this tea is also the result of the mastering of the fine and subtle fermentation process.

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Format: Loose leaves
Type: Naturally aged fermented puerh (shu)
Fermentation at production: Fermented (shu cha)
Storage / Ripening: Natural dry storage
Style: Classic
Producer: Unknown
Origin: Myanmar, Kokang
Year: 2010
Leaf size: Medium
Fermentation: Medium
Chinese name: Gu Shu Shu Cha
Translation: Old Tree Shu Cha

Tasting notes
A large variety of hot wood, sandalwood, mushroom, spices, and incense touches with superb, slightly powdery texture. The liquor is dense, full, but without heaviness. Tannins go unnoticed in the softness of the tea, but support the tasting in the background. The length in the mouth is rich, profound, and persistent, with a nice mineral dimension and notes of old-time tea.


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