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2013 Wawee Single Batch Old Tree Shu Cha

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Back on offer! True high-level Thai shu cha, unique in many ways is produced by Ming Lee in the mountains of Chiang Rai. This tea is entirely made up of old Doi Wawee trees (and not of intensive bush crops with which almost all modern fermented puerh are produced), which gives it depth and an extraordinary length in the mouth.

This is a unique batch, coming from a single fermentation stack and not assembled, which gives it a distinct and particularly fruity character. The leaves were also not separated in grade after fermentation, as is the norm in China, but respect the original, fine picking of one bud and two leaves.

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Format: Loose-leaf
Kind: New fermented puerh (shu)
Fermentation at the production: Fermented (shu cha)
Fermentation: Medium
Storage: Dry natural
Style: Contemporary
Grade: 1 bud for 2 leaves
Producer: Ming Lee
Origin: Wawee/ Chiang Rai / Thailand
Year: 2013

Tasting notes
A very high-end shu cha, with real character, and an unusual aromatic quality for a fermented puerh! The style is contemporary, with bright and vibrant aromas, and no hints of damp earth or undergrowth. The fermentation is more moderate than what is usually done in China, which gives this tea both a strong aromatic intensity and a certain lightness in the mouth. But it is above all the aromatic profile of this tea that makes it truly unique, with an explosion of red fruit, which will easily evoke the kernel of cherry, sour cherry, strawberry, and even raspberry, to which hints of vanilla are added on the length.


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