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2016 Fengqing Ye Sheng Gu Shu Cha

This tea (pressed cake from 2016) comes from the Xiang Zhu Qing village, in the Fengqing area (Lincang). This terroir is famous for being home to the oldest tea tree, which is 3200 years old. The surrounding is of high quality, with a wide cover of ancient forests. There are many wild tea trees growing naturally in that area as well ancient domestic tea trees, man-planted there several hundred years ago. This tea, manufactured by Li Yu Lu, a small producer from the village, is a blend of a fine selection of leaves from 500 different ancient trees, some of which are over 1000 years old and produce each only a few kilograms per year. The natural diversity of trees of different natures provides this puerh with special richness, balance, and complexity. In this bouquet, the wild tea tree brings a fresh and flowery nose, while the ancient plantation varieties lay a more sober base, a tannic structure, some fruit, and a good aromatic richness. Selected, shaped, and sorted in the village by Li Yu Lu, the leaves are then traditionally pressed in the Yi Wu village, to be eventually wrapped in handcrafted Dai paper.

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Format: 357g compressed tea cake (ping cha)
Type: Green puerh (sheng, raw)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: Li Yu Lu
Origin: Lincang>Fengqing>Xiang Zhu Qing
Year: 2016
Trees: Wild trees, Transitive
Garden: Ancient and wild
Altitude: >2000 metres above sea level

Tasting notes
A wild puerh processed by six years of natural ripening, which develops a wide range of woody aromas, combined with flowery hints on the length. The tea is quite soft in the mouth; tannins are very fine, without being melted.



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