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2018 Yiwu Lao Shen Tai Sheng Cha

The Lao Shen Tai is a limited production coming from a small plot of Wang Bing’s ecological garden, where trees are slightly older and trimmed in the old-fashioned way. The trees which reach about two meters high are harvested in low yield. The result is a true high-end tea, complex, with marked tannins, and maturation which reminds that of an old-tree puerh tea, but at a much more reasonable price. As all Wang Bing’s teas, this one is the outcome of totally handcrafted transformation and compression performed at the farm.

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Format: 357 g compressed cake
Kind: Green puerh (sheng / raw)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: Wang Bing
Origin: Xishuangbanna, Mengla, Yiwu
Year: 2018
Trees: Big trees
Garden: Ecological garden
Altitude: 1400 m

Tasting notes
The Lao Shen Tai tea is an excellent contemporary raw puerh, with an exceptionally rich and complex nose, plant-like and spicy, flowery, and followed on the finish by touches of honey and yellow fruit. With the successive infusions, this tea reveals a nice framework, typical for mature trees, which supports the tasting and creates the length, at the same time preserving notes of roundness and silkiness.


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