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2020 Lao Wu Shan Gu Shu Tree

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Ancient tea trees, traditional production processes, ripe autumn tea leaves full of sun. Stone pressed in the traditional manner. Delicate tones of green fruits, citrus, flowers, and sweetness combine well with a pleasant bitterness. Our first production is finally available.

Lao Wu Shan (老乌山) belongs to famous tea mountains in Pu’er Prefecture. The mountain, covered with lush forest provides ideal conditions for the growth of ancient tea trees. The warm and humid climate, abundant rainfall, cloudiness and fog, volcanic soil rich in minerals all create the terroir of this place. It is a tradition of more than a thousand years of growing and tea processing. Our puerh tea cake is made of leaves harvested from ancient tea trees – gu shu. Teng Tiao Cha is a famous puerh tree variety that grows in the Lao Wu Shan and Mengku regions.



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Format: 200g tea cake
Kind: Green puerh – sheng / raw
Fermentation at the production: Not fermented – sheng cha
Style: Traditional
Origin: Lao Wu Shan, Yunnan
Year: Autumn 2020
Trees: Gu Shu
Variety: Teng Tiao Cha (literally rattan tea or wine tea)
Garden: Ancient

Sweet, vegetal fragrance and aroma of flowers. The taste includes ripe yellow plums, peaches and the ethereal nature of flowers and grasses. The sweetness of yellow fruit seeps from the depths, ending with a balanced bitterness on the tongue. The color of infusion is of light golden amber.



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