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2020 Ming Lee Wawee Sheng

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This rare mini cake comes from a small batch of sheng puerh (50 kg only), which was exclusively pressed by Ming Lee (Lao Lee) in Doi Wawee in 200g format.

Thought as an introduction to this terroir, and an accessible product in a mini cake format, we did not opt for old trees, but still for real trees (and not bushes), planted naturally with space, and picked in a gentle way. The result is a powerful tea, whose tannic structure has nothing to envy that of old trees, which well represents the typical taste of this mountain.

This Puerh cake will therefore be expressing itself fully in the time to come.

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Format: 200g mini tea cake
Kind: Naturally aged raw puerh (sheng)
Fermentation: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Storage: Natural dry (Thailand)
Style: Modern
Producer: Ming Lee (Lao Lee)
Origin: Wawee, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Year: 2020
Trees: Real trees
Garden: Natural
Altitude: 1000m

Tasting notes
A tea that has a very good structure (which you will generally find more in old trees), and well-developed tannins without being aggressive, which provide both hold and length. It is a very dynamic tea, which reveals itself as the infusions progress, with beautiful sensations and echoing sweetness, and an impressive length in the mouth. Rather green and vegetal on the attack, it develops long notes of honey and spices, and a touch of aromatic grass that may remind of thyme or sage, and is typical of this region of Thailand.


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