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2021 Minggu Gu Shu Tree

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Tree hundred years old tea trees coming from Baoshan mountains, in surroundings of Lincang river, located in the western part of Yunnan province. The tea comes from a large leaf cultivar tree, which is from small family production by Mr. Yu Hongwen whom we had the pleasure to visit in spring 2018. We spend a few days in his little factory, watching and learning the secrets of the process of making his Puerh teas. Of course, we also drank a lot of tea together. Providing exhilarating and energizing experience, taste and aroma of the tea are full of wild flowers’ pollen and summer fruits, clearly mineral with a sweet aftertaste. The tea was pressed into one hundred gram cakes. This tea is perfect for long-term aging.

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Format: 100g tea cake
Typ: Green puerh – raw (sheng cha)
Fermentation: Non-fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Origin: Mangshui Village, Baoshan Mountains, Yunnan
Producer: Yu Hongwen
Plant: Old trees (gu shu) – three hundred years old tea trees
Cultivar: Large leaf variety – Daye Zhong
Garden: Ancient
Year: Spring 2021


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