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2021 Wawee Old Trees Sheng Cha

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This top-quality fresh puerh is derived from old trees in the famous Wawee mountain in the region of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The age of the trees and the quality of the terroir provide its structure, power on the palate, and extraordinary length. The transformation of the leaves, very modern as compared to traditional Chinese teas, is what makes this blend so exceptional. It combines strong vegetal and unprocessed freshness (which alludes to the smell of freshly picked leaves) with the roundness of light roasting (which is typical of Chinese green teas).

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Type: Loose leaf
Kind: Green puerh
Fermentation: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Storage: Natural dry (Thailand)
Producer: Lao Lee
Origin: Wawee, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Year: 2021
Trees: Old Trees
Garden: Natural
Altitude: 1000m above sea level


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