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2021 Zhong Guo Hong – Chinese Red Tea

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Our Zhong Guo Hong (Chinese Red Tea) comes from the spring harvest collected in the mountains of Fengqing County, Yunnan Province. The dry leaves are rolled in the shape of long needles, the aroma of which is full of fruity accents. The infusion color is orange amber, the taste is silky, condensed, essential, and sweet. We find there accents of cocoa, dark chocolate, malt, nuts, and black currants.

Harvest: Spring 2021
Origin: Fengqing, Yunnan

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You can appreciate this tea by preparing it in many different ways: the gongfu tea method in a small teapot, in a larger one for several people, brewed in a Western-style, and a few leaves brewed in a large teacup. While enjoying every next infusion, you will surely sense the vibrating and warming energy of this tea.

Harvest: Spring 2021
Origin: Fengqing, Yunnan


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