The other side of tea

3 Cups by Václav Dušek


Three teacups were made by Czech artist Václav Dušek. These vessels were made by hand, turned on a wheel, and fired in a wood-fired kiln.

Capacity ~ 45ml, 50ml, 55ml
Diameter ~ 6,3cm, 6,5cm, 6,8cm
Height ~ 3,3cm, 3,7cm, 3,8cm
Glazed inside.

Please note that this is a handmade piece, therefore color, size, and shape may vary slightly.

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A broken tea bowl is proof of the impermanence of things. It’s not a rare painting hanging on a gallery wall protected by glass. Applied art serves us and lives with us, dies and fades away. I am not creating anything permanent and eternal. Every tea bowl breaks over time, which is liberating. At least there will be room in the world for more and more potters.

The world in a bowl of tea. An article by Ivan Brezina.


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