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IV sample puerh set


A sample set of our four puerh teas. For all those who would like to try it but are afraid to take the risk. The sample set is packaged in Doypack bags.

2020 Lao Wu Shan Gu Shu Tree x 15g
2020 Lao Wu Shan Qiao Mu / Gu Shu x 15g
2020 Meng Ku Gu Shu Tree x 15g (the cakes are sold out)
2022 Bada Shan Big Tree Sheng Puerh x 15g

in total 60 grams of puerh tea

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A sample pack containing four of our puerh teas packed in Doypack (zip lock) bags.
Each sample weighs 15 grams, for a total of 60 grams of puerh tea.


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