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2017 Bulang Shan Gu Shu

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Sheng cha from Bulang Mountains is usually characterized by certain distinctive bitterness and briskness. Its taste is floral, mineral and energetic, silky, sweet, and complex. Our Bulang Gu Shu suits perfectly for the long maturing process.

This is an extraordinary puerh tea from the Bulang mountains which was picked from more than 300 hundred years old tea trees. The tea leaves were traditionally processed by Bulang people being fried on the pan for half an hour and later sun-dried the next day. After one year when mao cha was already stabilized in taste, the tea was pressed into one hundred gram Pu’er cakes.

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Format: 100g tea cake
Typ: Green puerh – raw (sheng)
Fermentation: Non-fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Origin: Bulang Mountains, Yunnan
Plant: Old trees (gu shu) – 300+ years old tea trees
Garden: Ancient, wild
Year: Spring 2017


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