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2018 Wang Bing Shen Tai

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This excellent white wrapped Shen Tai Cha is a tea loved by both professionals and amateurs, also thanks to its ratio of quality to price. The tea comes from the Yi Wu terroir; it was picked, processed, and pressed using entirely traditional methods cultivated in that region. It is distinguished by the simple wrapping as well as by the relatively young age of the low-trimmed trees (a little over 20 years old). The natural agricultural techniques and the low-yield picking techniques make it distant from intensive production, whereas the age of the trees influences both the depth of the aromas and the cost of the tea. All these factors result in good-quality tea, handcrafted and perfectly shaped by Wang Bing, at a reasonable price.

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Format: 357 g compressed cake
Kind: Green puerh (sheng / raw)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: Wang Bing
Origin: Xishuangbanna, Mengla, Yi Wu
Year: 2018
Trees: Bushes
Garden: Ecological garden
Altitude: 1400 m

Tasting notes
A typical tea, showing what can be expected of a good contemporary Yi Wu puerh. Its aromatic profile resembles that of the best Gu Shu from Yi Wu, with a lot of mildness, a flowery and particularly delicate bouquet, a subtle and silky mouth, and a remarkable balance.


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