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2018 Baozhong Roasted Superior Oolong

Taiwan’s Baozhong, whose history goes back to the 19th century, was for a long time one of the most renowned teas of the island. It is mainly produced in the North of Taiwan, on the Wenshan mountains, and in the Pinglin area, at altitudes between 400 m and 800 m. One key feature of Baozhong is that the leaves are not rolled in small pearls, but stranded or twisted, which was common in the old days. Today, Baozhong is one of the last non-rolled oolong types in Taiwan. Baozhong is also the greenest and the least oxidized oolong of Taiwan. However, Baozhong oolongs were initially roasted teas, which made their storing possible, and gave them a typical aromatic profile. Some producers keep making old-fashioned roasted Baozhong, just like in the case of this particular tea, produced in Pinglin. As a high-end version of standard roasted Baozhong, this tea shows more subtle roasting, more balanced, and less distinct. It features a high level of deepness, nice mineral touches, and a particularly complex and persistent finish.

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Type: Baozhong
Origin: Wenshan, Taiwan
Altitude: < 1000 m
Cultivar: Qing Xin Wulong
Harvest: Spring 2018
Oxidation: No
Roasting: Strong

Tasting notes
An old-fashioned roasted Baozhong. The roasting notes are well noticeable but very nice, and leave notes of bitter cacao on the palate and in the throat. While the roasted dimension immediately takes on the palate, green plant-like aromas, flowery notes, and touches of yellow fruit appear on the length. The final is a beautiful mineral sensation of wet stones. The superior edition shows the same aromatic profile as the standard edition, but with more deepness, fineness, and profusion.


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