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2018 Nantou Roasted Oolong

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This tea is a selection of three pearl oolongs of Nantou, offering an excellent quality-to-price ratio, representative of several different approaches of Taiwanese oolong, and allowing you to approach this family of teas at a reasonable price. They are lowland teas, mechanically harvested by an experienced medium-sized producer from Nantou. This tea is an oolong with a distinct note of roasting, which does not only discretely sculpt the aromas to make them more complex, but also gives the tea a really deep “roasted” touch. There are also some marked mineral notes and warm honey-like aromas that are typical to roasting. All that results in a rich and multi-layered tea.

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Type: Green Oolong
Origin: Nantou
Cultivar: Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons Spring Oolong)
Altitude: < 1000 m
Harvest: Autumn-Winter 2018
Oxidation: Light
Roasting: Strong

Tasting notes
Tasty aromas of stewed fruit, honey, and spices. Buttery texture that could remind Jin Shuan or Tie Guan Yin. The roasting notes are definitely present, but balanced and very enjoyable. The intensity and endurance of this oolong are quite impressive.


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