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2018 Wenshan Baozhong Green Oolong

This green Baozhong comes from a small producer of Pinglin, North-East of Taiwan, which is today one of the main production areas of Baozhong. Particularly green and plant-like, contemporary Baozhong teas are the least oxidized oolong teas of Taiwan. Selected for its unbeatable value for money, this tea has a lot of intensity, a thick liquor, generous aromas, subtle and delicate, focused on the green plant taste, and a finish with notes of honey and spices.

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Type: Baozhong
Origin: Wenshan, Taiwan
Altitude: < 1000 m
Cultivar: Qing Xin Wulong
Harvest: Spring 2018
Oxidation: No
Roasting: No

Tasting notes
A very green Baozhong, as is nowadays produced in Taiwan. It shows a particularly green and plant-like bouquet, with very delicate aromas of white flowers, subtle notes of yellow fruit, and fine hints of honey on the length.



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