The Other Side of Tea

Chabu – tea runner

These chabu are made of rescued cotton fabric which supposed to go to the landfill. Colours come from natural dyes and leave no harmful trace in the water. The process of extracting colour is slow and pattern intensity is unique and one-off. Only five chabu were created with this particular colour combination by Each chabu will have a naturally unique pattern.

Yuliya’s decades of experience creating garments for high-end fashion and many years of cultivating herself through Cha Dao 茶道 are naturally expressed in the beautiful things she creates dedicated to the tea ceremony. Living as sustainably as possible she uses the same philosophy in the creative process, using only natural dyes and organic, recycled, rescued or antique fabrics, minimizing the environmental load of the planet.

Brak w magazynie

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Rescued cotton, hand-dyed with tea and rust.

It can be washed on the gentle washing cycle with PH-neutral detergent. Iron with the cotton setting. Natural dyes are light-sensitive and with the use of cloth will develop another layer of pattern left by tea drops and watermarks. It is made with love to Mother Earth, Tea, Human, and the process.

All chabu are slightly different but all come from the same batch and are like siblings from the same parents. One side has got a more pastel look to it and another sharper contours.


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