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Pouring Bowl


This is a wheel-thrown Pouring Bowl in a beautiful Celadon Crackle glaze. Looks great in different lighting and it’s perfect for mixing, cooking, or pouring stuff. This bowl is inspired by Japanese ceramic ware wabi-sabi aesthetics. Fired in a gas kiln in a reduction atmosphere to Cone 10.

Height ~ 8cm
Diameter ~ 14cm
Foot diameter ~ 6.5cm

Please note that this is a handmade piece, therefore color, size, and shape may vary slightly.

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Features of this item:
– Celadon Crackle glaze in transparent green
– Convenient shape and size
– Great for pouring, cooking, and mixing
– Bowl created on a pottery wheel
– White stoneware clay
– Fired in a gas kiln in reduction to Cone 10
– Made in Poland, by Oyu Ceramics


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