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Guangdong and Fujian expedition – April 2024


Dear friends, the expedition to discover teas in China’s Guangdong and Fujian provinces is coming up, the meeting in Guangzhou is on April 9. We will be visiting plantations of such famous teas as Fenghuang Dancong oolong or Tieguanyin (Goddess of Mercy). In addition to observing the captivating beauty of Chinese nature, we will also participate in the harvesting and production of tea besides visiting traditional Chinese teahouses. If you are interested in a more detailed itinerary write us.
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Date of Expedition: 9th-11th till 26th of April 2024

Duration: 16-17 full days
(depends on your arrival and departure)

Meeting point: Guangzhou International Airport / China

After meeting (9th) and accommodating in Guangzhou, we stayed one day (10th) resting and cruising around local tearooms to get over the jet lag. On the second day (11th) we will transfer to plantations where we can observe tea picking and the production of Fenghuang Dancong oolong tea, as they start picking as early as the end of March. The next stop (14th) will be the plantation of the Iron Goddess of Mercy aka Tieguanyin. After that (16th) we stop in Fuzhou and continue to Fuding (17th) to see the white tea production. The last stop (21st) will be at Wuyi Mountains and the baked oolong teas. After that, we take a high-speed train to get back to Guangzhou (25th).

Interpreter: Michal Butor (sinologist)
Price: 600€ / person
Form of payment: Invoicing

We prefer payment directly to our bank account. Please contact us by e-mail to obtain our account number in euros. If paying via Paypal, please pay the amount plus 5 % (PayPal fee), bringing the total to 630 Euros.


The price is only for interpreting and guiding through the whole expedition.

– Economy air ticket to Guangzhou (in advance approx.800€)
– Transfer fees in China/ Food / Accommodation fees
(all together 600-800€ )
– Travel Insurance
– Chinese Visa
– Also does not include buying tea from farmers.

All expedition-related expenses including air-ticket should not exceed 2200€ / person.


If you are interested please leave us a message by email. We will contact you afterward and send you instructions.


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