Sheng Puerh

Green puerh, otherwise known as raw puerh or sheng cha, refers to non-fermented teas, or slightly fermented in a natural way, which are no more than ten years old.

This is one of the most ancient ways to consume tea which has been practiced for ages in the territory of the Golden Triangle. Although this is the most original form of puerh tea, it has only been consumed this way outside of the campaigns where it has been produced for about fifteen years. By nature, puerh is closer to green teas than to dark teas, although it is usually classified as the latter for historical reasons. These days, green puerh teas are appreciated while they are young, for the quality of their fresh character, within one year after their production or after only a couple of years of maturation. With time, the aromas of green plants and the spices of their youth will leave their place progressively to secondary aromas produced by oxidation and fermentation.

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