Jiří Duchek

Jiří Duchek comes from former Czechoslovakia. He was born in Prague in 1970. After political liberalization in 1989 he worked as a hired jiggerman in ceramic workshops and studied ceramics at the high school for Arts and Crafts in Prague, which he did not finish. In 1995 he set up his own ceramic workshop and till 1998 he was also teaching ceramics at the College of Education at a cloister in a minicipality close to Prague (Sv.Jan pod Skalou – „Saint John under the Rock“). In 1999 he moved with his family from the City to the countryside to a former farmhouse where he pursues making ceramics fired in kilns using wood as a fuel. For his work he uses natural materials from the diverse Czech landscape by which he is surrounded. Currently he has been living in the municipality of Mutejovice in the Czech Republic. He himself says about his work: „My work is a homage to the Master who created the man from the soil of the earth and endowed him with the reviving Spirit, to the one who says: Follow me, I am the Truth, Path and Life“.

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