Aged Puerh

Aged puerh is a kind of puerh tea which originates through traditional storage.

In the last century, Hong Kong developed the art of refining puerh tea. The process takes place in the cellars of tea houses, often poorly ventilated, in the moist tropical atmosphere of the island. The people of Hong Kong have discovered that the conditions of storage and the level of humidity influence the tea character. Tea which was initially green, bitter, and astringent, could – after barely a few years of storage in a humid environment – become brown, but first and foremost round and mellow to the palate. However, being stored for years in humid warehouses does not always work out well for tea. It may become soaked with the typical smell of a damp cellar or simply go moldy. The decades of experimenting have been necessary to improve the storage techniques and to master the secrets of humid refining in order to produce tea of superior quality, perfectly pure, and devoid of any unpleasant note. Good Hong Kong refinements are rich and pure, forged by humidity but not showing any trace of mold at the tasting. These handmade, slowly processed teas are like a walk in the forest, resembling dry wood or just wet with dew, earth or stones after rain, lichens and tree moss, or wild mushrooms.

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