The other side of tea

‘Silver’ Tea Plate


Hand-made ‘silver’ tea plate made by Petr Sklenička. The surface may experience subtle changes when poured with tea and aged over time.

Diameter ~ 11,8cm
Height ~ 2,3cm

Please note that this is a handmade piece, therefore color, size, and shape may vary slightly.

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Petr Sklenička – is a young, talented Czech ceramist who began his journey as a completely self-taught artist. Looking for inspiration and observing his masters, he started to create truly beautiful ceramics dedicated to tea.

Petr Sklenička about himself:

The majority of my pots are fired in a wood-burning kiln. This technology allows me to explore a wide range of materials and techniques. Guided by the original recipes, I prepare glazes and clay bodies, that fit the particular technology and place them in the kiln. I often use a charcoal reduction to achieve a dark matt surface that harmoniously contrasts with other glazed pots.

The wood firing is a significant ritual for me. I feel like the pots become alive in this type of firing. It is a moment that finishes the process of making and begins a new chapter in the life of each pot.


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