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2022 Ku Zhu Shan Old Tree Shai Hong

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The long-awaited Shai Hong tea cakes from the Ku Zhu Mountains have finally reached us despite the intricate and perplexing path.

It is a handmade picked tea, produced traditionally, sun-dried like puerh teas, coming from old trees around 100-160 years old.

First impressions: The sweetness of a plum that melts in the mouth, the dry skin of a dark grape, the wine of well-ripe red apples, peaches, honey, and the warmth of sun-warmed wood with notes of vanilla. The infusion is velvety smooth, full, and sweet with a slight bitterness on the palate.

The taste and aroma of this shai hong tea will change over time. 

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Format: 100g tea cake
Type: Shai Hong
Origin: Ku Zhu Shan, Jinggu, Yunnan
Trees: Old Trees – around 100-160 years old
Garden: Organic
Harvest: Autumn 2022


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