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2006 Hong Tai Chang Sheng Puerh

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Thai puerh teas are still little known, even though they have been produced there for a long time. Among them, you can find this aged gem, the excellent Hong Tai Chang. Produced in 2006, in the mountains of Chiang Mai, under the famous Hong Tai Chang brand, it is a magnificent puerh, made with traditional methods, the way they used to be produced in China before the 1990s. The richness of the leaves and their very good tannic structure provide this tea with remarkable potential for post-fermentation and natural maturation.


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Format: 357g compressed cake
Kind: Naturally aged raw puerh (sheng)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Storage/ripening: Naturally dry storage (Thailand)
Style: Classic
Producer: Hong Tai Chang
Origin: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Year: 2006

Tasting notes
A classic profile, with powerful but very balanced tannins, which are well refined by deep and rapid ripening.
This is an aromatic old puerh, with a woody and warm character, and some touches of fruit and honey.


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