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2017 Ban Komaen Gu Shu Sheng Puerh

A superb, limited-edition raw puerh, born in a magnificent old tea tree garden. The leaves, picked in springtime, come from 400-year-old tea trees, growing in the famous village of Ban Komaen, in an amazing setting deep in the Phongsaly mountains in Laos. They are processed with great care by Mrs. A Se in her small workshop to produce a high-end tasting tea. It results in a puerh of great gustatory richness, with a lot of depth, subtlety, and character. This is a complex, fine, and delicate puerh, which combines a generous structure and a fine bouquet. It displays the unique nature of the Ban Komaen village, highlighted by the top-quality work.


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Format: 200g mini-cake
Kind: Green puerh (sheng / raw)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: A Se
Origin: Laos, Phongsaly, Ban Komaen
Year: Early spring 2017
Trees: Old trees (about 400 years old)
Garden: Ancient, ecological
Altitude: 1300 meters above sea level

Tasting notes
After two years of maturing, this old tree puerh shows a very nice evolution, with a vivid bouquet, more complex and less leafy, mainly focused on fruit and spices. The mouthfeel is held by the nice structure. Tannins are intense without being aggressive, which produces taste which evolves a lot through the infusions, with an excellent length.


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