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2011 Ming Lee Wawee Shu Puerh

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The 2011 Ming Lee Shu Cha tea cake is an exceptional shu cha fermented moderately. It has a rich, classic oaky character, with hints of spice and malt. It is based on a classic recipe and traditional methods including an old-fashioned harvest of one bud for three leaves, and a blend of spring and fall leaves. It is harvested specifically from real mature trees of Mount Wawee in the North of Thailand unlike most fermented puerh teas, that come from cultivation in bushes. This tea was produced in 2011 by the Ming Lee workshop, an old puerh producer from the mountains of Chiang Rai, in the North of Thailand, who continues to produce according to the famous Hong Tai Chang workshop, founded in 1930.

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Kind: New fermented puerh (shu)
Fermentation: Fermented (shu cha)
Fermentation level: Medium
Storage: Dry natural (Thailand)
Style: Classic
Grade (leaf size): 1 bud for 3 leaves
Producer: Ming Lee
Format: 357g compressed tea cake
Origin: Wawee, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Year: 2011

Tasting notes
A very good classic shu cha, with a moderate fermentation which respects the typical character of puerh tea, in particular through very supple tannins but not totally melted which can recall the sensations in the mouth of a Hong Kong refining (but without the aromas undergrowth of the latter).
A sober and classic character emerges, reminiscent of the shu cha of the 1990s, with woody aromas, spices, hints of vanilla from old barrels, and even incense on the finish.


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