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2018 Nanmei Yesheng Wild Tree

This is the exclusive loose-leaf version of the excellent wild tree puerh from Lincang. The leaves come from magnificent trees growing in the wilderness, surrounded by nature, in the heights of Nanmei. It is a small high-end production which took two years to be developed. The fresh leaves are picked by the Lahu people from Nanmei. Then they are transported to the Nan Hua village as quickly as possible to be skilfully processed, in a handcraft manner, by Mrs. O Yang. The final produce is this exquisite wild puerh.

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Format: Loose leaf tea
Kind: Green puerh (sheng)
Fermentation at the production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: O Yang
Origin: Nanmei, Linxiang, Lincang, Yunnan
Year: Early spring 2018
Trees: Wild trees
Garden: Wild
Altitude: 2500m

Tasting notes
A very fresh tea with a green leafy nose, subtle and vivid. Distinct flower and citrus-fruit touches, typical of wild tea trees, with some notes of peach and spices. The mouth is smooth and free from bitterness.


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