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2021 Ku Cha Old Tree

Ku Cha is a special variety of tea plants (a collection of local varieties, as they are naturally grown trees) found in the mountains in the western part of the Golden Triangle. These trees are the typical trait and the fame of the soil of Bulang Shan in Yunnan, but you can also find many of them in Burma. They grow occasionally in the north of Thailand as well. The teas develop a distinct taste structure and pleasant bitterness – “Ku Cha” means “bitter tea”, which is built on the first three infusions. They have a typical aromatic profile, marked by a unique alchemy of organic and mineral notes. This Ku Cha comes from a natural garden of old trees, from a little village hidden in the mountains of Chiang Rai.

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Kind: Sheng puerh
Style: Modern
Storage: Natural dry
Year: Spring 2021
Origin: Chiang Rai, Thailand
Trees: Old trees
Garden: Natural
Altitude: 1100m above sea level

Tasting notes
An impressive Ku Cha, rich in flavour and interestingly transforming. It is gradually built up with the infusions to develop a magnificent structure, generous, deep, and satisfying bitterness, and delightful organic-mineral notes, which all lead to subtle notes of red fruit.


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