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2005 Liming Tea Factory 0432 Sheng Puerh

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This tea came out of the Liming factory in 2005. Located in Mengzhe, in the Xishuangbanna area, the Liming factory is one of the ancient State factories of Yunnan. Founded in 1984, it initially produced black tea, before conceiving its own puerh tea cake sold under the Ba Jiao Ting brand. This is tea with the typical “Liming taste”, the old-school profile, along with the lines of the tea produced before the year 2000, which are becoming rare nowadays.

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Format: 357 g compressed cake
Kind: Raw Puerh natural storage (sheng)
Fermentation at the production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Storage / Ripening: Natural dry – Taiwan
Style: Classic
Producer: Liming (Ba Jiao Ting)
Origin: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
Year: 2005
Trees: Bushes
Garden: Terrace
Altitude: Unknown

Tasting notes
A profoundly woody character, with notes of dry wood, tree sap, pine needles, and light touches of honey on the length. A classic, sober character, with mild bitterness.


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