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2020 Meng Ku Gu Shu Tree

Virgin forests covering mountain hillsides spreading over the Mengku valley are full of wild growing ancient tea trees. These monuments have been here for hundreds or even thousands of years. People living here have been cultivating these trees for centuries. Our cakes are a small homemade production. Traditional production process, starting from picking to leaves pressing is done solely by hands. Longer oxidation process and sha quing in “lower” temperature compose a tea perfectly suitable for long maturing. Dark green leaves are slightly pressed in traditional way using a stone. Deep, aging tea with strong but balanced bitterness. In taste slightly perceptible sweetness of meadow flowers with citrus fruits aroma and a typical for old trees aftertaste. Unique Mengku terroir, you cannot pass indifferently is condensed in 200g puerh cake.

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Format: 200g tea cake
Kind: Green puerh – sheng / raw
Fermentation at the production: Not fermented – sheng cha
Style: Traditional
Origin: Da Xue Shan, Mengku, Yunnan
Year: Autumn 2020
Trees: Ancient Trees – Gu Shu
Variety: Teng Tiao Cha (literally rattan tea or wine tea)
Garden: Ancient




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