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2013 Ming Lee Wawee Shu Puerh


The 2013 Ming Lee Shu Cha tea cake is an excellent contemporary shu cha, with a silky fluid, and aromas that remind malt, cereals, and spices. It comes from spring harvest and fine picking of a bud for two leaves. The leaves come from real mature trees of Mount Wawee in the North of Thailand, and not from cultivation in bushes. This tea was produced in 2013 by the Ming Lee workshop, an old puerh producer from the mountains of Chiang Rai, in the North of Thailand, who in the 1990s took over the heritage of the famous Hong Tai Chang workshop, founded in 1930.

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Format: 357g compressed tea cake
Kind: New fermented puerh (shu)
Fermentation at production: Fermented (shu)
Fermentation level: Medium-high
Storage: Dry natural
Style: Contemporary
Producer: Ming Lee
Origin: Wawee, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Year: 2013
Grade (Leaf size): 1 bud for 2 leaves

Tasting notes
An excellent contemporary shu cha, dense and very rich, both in terms of the texture of the fluid, thick and milky, and the concentration of aromas. The aromatic base is deeply malty, you can smell grain, cereals, and fresh nuts. The length reveals more spicy notes, vanilla pod, and slight hints of anise. The result is rich, complex, and particularly harmonious.


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