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1998 Hong Kong ‘Old School’ Shu Cha

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The tea we offer is sourced from Yunnan and was stored for 15 years in Hong Kong, then in Taiwan (until now – January 2024). Its flavor is intensely rustic, woody, and mineral with rich forest notes and a hint of spice-like camphor. The captivating aroma of the brew is reminiscent of a forest after rain. It has the typical character of a good shu material matured in Hong Kong, but it also impresses with its delicacy, strength, and beautiful longevity of flavor and aroma.

The original packaging has been destroyed during storage, while the nei fei production label remains pressed into the tea brick.

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Format: 400g tea brick
Kind:  26-year-old fermented puerh (shu cha)
Origin: Yunnan, China
Year of Production: 1998
Storage: Hong Kong and Taiwan


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