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2017 Nanmei Gu Shu Sheng Puerh

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A new limited edition of this great Lincang tea available in the cake format. This tea is the outcome of collaboration with small producer from the Nanmei valley. At about 2000 m of altitude, and only a short distance away from the famous village of Bing Dao, the heights of Nanmei provide exceptional conditions and one of the richest terroirs of Lincang. This superior puerh tea comes from the old trees of small family gardens, selected for the great potential of their leaves. Reserved in advance, the leaves are expertly processed by O Yang in a handcraft way to reveal the terroir they come from and to produce a genuinely unique product. To get a perfect balance, the blend of loose leaves matures for two years before the compression. The cakes are stone-pressed in the village of Yiwu and then wrapped in handcrafted Dai paper. The result of this entirely handcrafted and traditional work is a great old-tree puerh tea of outstanding quality, balance, complexity, and depth, which presents an excellent evolution after the first few years of maturation.

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Format: 357g compressed cake (ping cha)
Type: Green puerh (sheng, raw)
Fermentation at production: Not fermented (sheng cha)
Style: Contemporary
Producer: O Yang
Origin: Lincang, Linxiang, Nanmei, Nanhua
Year: 2017
Trees: Old trees
Garden: Ancient and ecological
Altitude: 2000 m

Tasting notes
The Nanmei Gu Shu is a contemporary raw puerh from old trees, particularly rich and complex. It combines profound mouth sensations which softly tickle the palate, a high aromatic complexity, and an ideal length in the mouth. Its tannins, powerful but round, offer very different results depending on the infusion parameters, but without being dry or aggressive. This is indeed a kind of tea to savor, which can show its new dimensions and surprise at every infusion. The bouquet of the 2017’s edition has gained deepness and complexity. We still can find mostly a taste of flowers and spices with some remaining green and leafy notes. Also touches of yellow fruits and honey are becoming more and more present.



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